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    Nugent Education Ltd provide DBS checked artists delivering at your school or venue. They work with primary schools, special schools and any schools with all ages and abilities.

    Our range of arts workshops for schools includes:

    Popular rapping workshops

    Rapping is one of our most popular workshops. Hip Hop rapping and MC-ing (grime style for example) is increasingly popular with children and young people. Rapping workshop participants’ get to write, practise and recite or perform their own raps. It’s great fun and can be used to discuss issues, revise for exams, learn and improve literacy, and many other benefits.

    African Drumming

    African drumming workshops, are the ultimate group cohesion and team-work activity. Drumming workshops are cultural, and great for adults or children.

    Japanese Origami

    Origami originated in Japan, and the word itself translates to ‘folding paper’. This art or craft is excellent for engaging people from very young to adults. Intricate, beautiful and complex designs are tackled by more able or older participants, whilst simpler designs are folded and sculpted for younger children.


    Crafts workshops include numerous different types. For example, a crafts workshop may involve mask making, kite making, willow sculpture, and clay model making. Other crafts genres include textile crafts using fabrics and dyes, decorative crafts such as mural making on walls and paper crafts. Jewellery making is also a popular choice.

    recycled crafts workshops

    Why not book our amazing environmental crafts workshops. The materials used are either sustainably sources or we actually use recycled goods like cans, or crisp packets that children can save and we make fun items with. These popular workshops, courses and all arts activities can be booked with short notice.

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