• Cats are happiest at home, your trip away can be fun for you, for pets, upheaval/ being away from all things familiar, is no fun at all, the answer may be having a caring cat person calling to your home twice a day. Available in Walkden, Worsley, Swinton and Boothtown and other local areas!

    From £7 per visit depending on number of pets, up to 3 cats charged as 1. No marked vans to show the world that you are away, just a lady pensioner popping in to:-

    1. Feed and Water your pet/s
    2. Clean litter trays
    3. Groom, Play, Spend time with your pet, Let Out/In as required
    4. Vet Appointments Attended if required
    5. Put Post and Newspapers out of sight
    6. Open/Close curtains and blinds
    7. Water House Plants etc
    8. Cats/ Kittens/ Rabbits/ Hamsters/ similar small pets cared for.

    E-mail to arrange a home visit to meet your pets, sort out dates etc.