• Hi, We are an active family who are sociable, Kind and hope that our Au pair also likes to be, the children are very active..... And we offer good salary.We want our Au pair to start As soon as possible.

    THE AU PAIR'S JOB.....

    The Au pair job will involve around 22 hours a week. Monday to Friday 7:30am to 10am getting children ready for school and a little light house work. 10am to 3pm free time. 3pm to 5:30pm pick up children from school and look after them. Saturday and Sunday are free for you.


    The au pair shall have a big room, huge, and has a double bed, with sitting area and TV/DVD/Video/Hifi. There is also a wireless broadband internet in the house!!Do well to send us your references or resume, and we would get in touch with them.We shall discuss travel arrangements in due course of which I would be of generous assistance to you.


    We want our Au pair to stay between 6 months and 24 months. Prefer Au pair of gender: Female and Male. Number of children: 2. Age(s) of children: 2 and 3 years. We require care for children under age 1: No. Single parent family: Yes. Housework required of Au pair: Light. Au pair couples accepted: Yes. Type of area we live in: Big Town. Language(s) we speak: English Our religion: Christian We have pets: Yes but friendly to strangers The Au pair will be required to drive: If he or she have the interest. Elderly care is required: No. We have children with special needs: No. We smoke: No. Salary offer: 1000 pounds per week. Weekly allowance: 200 pounds

    Interested applicant should apply with resume for urgent processing and employment

    SKYPE.. ferguez.miller