• Name
    : Sophie Thompson
  • Phone Nr
    : 02036420525
  • Amateur Adult Xtra's wanted for soft porn DVDs. Singles and Couples welcome, all shapes, sizes, nationalities and sexualities considered. Up to £600 per day, with travel and expenses covered.

    Adult XXX Party Starters wanted for XXX Clubs and Private Parties across the UK. What is a Secret Swinger???? A Secret Swinger is someone who partakes in LIVE performances at Adult Clubs and Private Parties. Party goers are bored of seeing the same old PORN DVDs being shown. They want something new, exciting, tangible and something to get them in the mood for the night ahead. Entice your audience to join in the fun!!! This is a great opportunity for couples to work together!!!

    Secret Swingers may also be asked to perform in Peep-Booths or Viewer Rooms, this is at your own discretion. Very discrete with an exclusively limited audience!!! What is an Erotic Performer??? An Erotic Performer is similar to a Secret Swinger with the difference being that Erotic Performers specialise in BDSM/Fetish/Kinky/Sissy Clubs, Dungeons and Torture Chambers. (only for the very open-minded!!!)

    Both roles are to encourage the party goers to get involved in the Fun, relax and enjoy the Party.

    Individual Club Rules Apply!!! Respectful applicants only please. You can request: NO Filming, NO Photography, NO Touching (without permission).

    Excellent rates of pay (min £150p/h), travel and expenses covered.

    To find out more about this unique opportunity only available with SECRET SWINGERS reply with all of your contact details or call us on 0203 642 0525.
    On-line applications at www.Secret-Swingers.com