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  • Reenie B, Handmade and Discovered…

    . What started as a way to bring the fashion dreams of friends and family to life, has evolved into reenie-b.co.uk . In 2012, we launched this web site to allow anyone who’s been searching for ‘that something special’, to experience Reenie B’s hand-made quality and unique style. We focus on clothing separates which you can mix and match with your wardrobe basics to create your own style, which you can dress up or down to create your unique day or evening look. . Presently, you can select from three distinct ranges:- . Reenie B: Our hand-made designer range is the perfect way to enhance your personal style. Choose from our extensive range of casual and evening wear – or if you have a specific concept in mind, then contact us about having an item crafted specifically for you.

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    . Teenie B: Hand-crafted clothing, designed specifically for trend-conscious teenagers – using the finest materials. Designed by the youngest member of the Reenie B family, items from our Teenie B range make great gifts and perfect party pieces!

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    . Queenie B: Original, up-cycled and re-vamped, Queenie B garments combine vintage designs – together with items that we have specially selected from today’s brightest independent labels. Rejoice in your love for the classics – old and modern – with Queenie B.

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    Our quality handmade ready-to-wear collection helps to defy seasonal trends and define a style that’s your own. We love nothing more than making material come alive for a client –so choose from Reenie B, Teenie B or Queenie B and get that special feeling that no one in the world is quite like you.

    Any Questions? Please contact us on 07947 567 146